1 Day Digital Marketing & Creative Content Masterclass: Business & Brands

At Shimejii Creatives we are experts in storytelling to grow your brand and business. In this one day Masterclass we will share what we have learned, in creating content and digital marketing campaigns for over 30 clients in the UK and abroad.

- Learn how to define your brand and find content ideas.

- We will show you how to build a digital marketing campaign.

- We will share with you tips, tactics and common mistakes to avoid.

- Learn how to optimize your creative content for success.

- We will show you how to grow your audience and communicate effectively.



10:00 am - Welcome and Introductions

10:30 am – Position your brand
Brand archetypes
Stand out - Your USP

12:00 pm - Short break with refreshments and snacks provided

12:15 pm - Define your WHY
Audience and User Personas

13:15 pm - Lunch (will be provided, please advise of dietary requirements beforehand)

14:15 pm - Storytelling for Business
Emotional Intelligence

14:45 pm - Plan your Digital Campaign .
Navigate your digital advertising

15:20 pm - Short break with refreshments and snacks provided

15:35 pm - Content Ideas
Show what you know in writing
Show what you know in video
Your shop window on social media

16:20 pm - Short break with refreshments and snacks provided

16:30 pm - Building a Community
Working with Influencers
Your online reputation

17:30 pm - Q&A & Networking
refreshments and snacks provided

The Masterclass will be limited to no more than 15 participants.


Our Masterclass is an interactive workshop that empowers you to create stories and content that matters. Learn from classic storytelling techniques, proven exercises and relevant case studies, how to communicate effectively.

Be empowered to think in stories. Create strategic campaigns and build a firm relationship of lasting impact between brand and audience.

Learn how you can leverage emotional intelligence to shape strong narratives and characters for effective storytelling.

Know your story – Characters, Visual languages, Story Structure and your brand are just some of the elements that make your story.
Know your audience – We will Identify User Personas and key targets of your communication 
Know your platforms and content formats – Social Media, Blogs, Magazines, Videoplatforms: Your content can take one many shapes and forms while remaining true to your narratives and adapting to its audience. 
Know your strategy – Set goals and evaluate your results, with data insights and software tools. 
Kickstart your content – Proven Ideas& inspirations for your next content plan

In our interactive full day Masterclass you will learn to:

- We will show how to build a narrative using proven storytelling techniques
- Learn by examples of brand giants the importance of a strong why and need for a clear sense of purpose
Create a lasting connection with your audience by appealing to their emotions
- Reach your strategic objectives with a multichannel strategy
- Write an editorial plan for your daily content management
Build and develop a campaign from scratch
- Identify the user personas amongst your target audience
- Communicate brand values with confidence
- Identify brand themes to define image and story
- Create exciting content that engages your audience
- Measure your success with strategic reporting
Evaluate results with a range of tools, software’s and insights available for beinngers

Our interactive workshop will empower you to develop a model of empathy and engagement for a clear, strong and transparent message through your creative content.

We will evaluate known content platforms and formats to establish the most powerful ways to communicate your digital narratives and discuss digital advertising techniques and SEO. We will share a range of content ideas and strategies with proven success and understand how they can be applied to your brand and business.

You will learn our Storytelling to Do`s:
- Know your tribe
- Be patient 
- If at first you don’t succeed, try again.



Yes, this Masterclass is for you:

- if you are an entrepreneur, founder or work at a startup and are interested in communicating your story and business with impact.

- if you are a brand manager, public relations manager, market researcher analyst, social media manager, marketing or communication professional looking to gain a deeper understanding of storytelling and creative content.

- if you are a career professional wanting to make a move into developing content for brands inside a company or as your own business.

- if you are looking to start a career in the creative industry.

- if you are looking to learn new skills for personal and professional development.

- if you want to launch your own company in this sector and aim to create content that delivers.

- if you are running your own business or thinking about starting your own business and need to create content that connects with your audience.

- if you you are looking for content inspiration and ideas for your personal brand or business.



In addition to our workbook and course material, access to our member area with exclusive content and support material, all participants will also have the opportunity to receive an individual 30 minute Skype or face to face consultation, to be scheduled and held after the workshop.

We look forward to welcoming you on Saturday, February 23rd 2019 at The Studio in Camden.

Thank you
Shimeji Creatives



Carlotta Corvi, Creative Director Shimeji Creatives Ltd.

My game is to capture ideas and sensibilities, to enjoy the complexity of a distortion, any portrait of a moment, ready to observe and explore stories, where the colors are emotional and evocative, where characters are real, vibrant, and textured, where in early stages of an idea, the content is still looking for a form, the right aesthetic to communicate seducing, through research and creativity.

MA in Film, Television and Multimedia, Graduate in Communication Studies, Media and Advertising

Expertise: Corporate Communication | Product Advertising ( Food - Design) | Observational Documentaries | Character Driven Narratives | Journalistic Reportages | Visual Studies, Multimedia Storytelling, Economics of Art and Culture.

Simone Eder, Communication director Shimeji Creatives Ltd.

I enjoy bringing my creative and analytical skills to a project and to follow it from the initial idea to the final touches. I am keen storyteller whether it be visual or as copywriter.

London based media professional with several years' of experience in content production, web Communication and project management.

Graduate in Communication Studies, Media and Advertising, MA in Film, Television and Multimedia

Expertise: Multimedia Production | Account and Project Managment | Copywriting, Corporate Communication | Content Strategy | Social Media Managment | Digital Advertising.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Get in touch at 0789 6504144 or email us at [email protected]


Where can I find your other workshops?
For a fill list of our workshops visit shimejicreatives.eventbrite.com

Do you also run workshops for startups, established businessess, social enterprises or charitable organizations?
Yes we do. Get in touch at 0789 6504144 or [email protected]to book a consultation.